History X

Most people who like cars and owned a car will know that over time a car becomes more than just a big heap of metal and rubber it takes form into something you weren’t expecting at first. In a way it becomes a companion, someone who is there when others are not. People grow to love there cars, I’m not talking about the 9 year old kids looking at a Lamborghini on a poster, far from that. Im talking about the people who when they park their car they look back at it as their walking away and it brings a smile to their face.  For me that car was the car above.  She was a 1992 Volkswagen Polo called “Thumper.” why the name? well the first night i owned wasn’t the most successful, she just wouldn’t run properly she was bouncing all over the place. Hence the name. This car to me was so much more than a car, this car helped build the friendships i’ve had and lost, she gave me a true passion for cars id never had before. She changed me from that 9 year old looking at posters to the true blooded petrol head i am today. There were days when i hated the car, and days i didn’t even want to get in the car however them days are soon forgotten and just leave the memories that do matter: The sunshine, the seaside, the friends, the cars.  So why is this car the opening post for the site? well, in a way she was the thing that made me develop the site. About 2 months ago i had my driving license revoked. I had no one else to blame but myself for this, i was stupid, i wasn’t thinking and I messed up. The worst part was having to sell Thumper because i wasn’t prepared to leave her on the drive not being driven. She deserved to be driven and to be shown off and well it was time for me to move on. She had set the path and losing her inspired me to change the way i think and act around cars now. I will be driving again soon and i will have a new car however i have this feeling nothing will ever compare to the feeling that Thumper gave me. Some people wont understand the feeling cars give me however some people will and this site is for them, and for that i have to thank the little Volkswagen because without that little car I wouldn’t be doing what i am today and I would have the passion i have today.  Slanced created truly by Thumper.