Slanced was created in August of 2011, It was created to relate to the smaller modifiers as well as the bigger names in the game, to bring all aspects of the car community together in a common theme and lifestyle.

 Our motto “living life in the low lane” was thought up to help define what we do and what we represent being that everyone can learn something from anyone whether its someone who’s running bags or someone who has chopped coils out of their springs, being low is a way of life not just a look of a car.

Our name was dreamt up when the idea for the concept came together, we not only wanted to appeal to the people who had the stance on their car perfect but also to the people who were completely slammed so we combined the two words to create SLANCED. Creator and workforce of Slanced:

Tom Jeavons- Fellows– Sole photographer, writer, editor, car builder, designer, you name it im probably the one doing it.