272Heroes meet

Let me say straight away, if you haven’t heard of 272heroes get over to http://www.272heroes.com to meet some awesome people and some epic cars. Right onwards, many people say that cars in the UK are not up to spec with cars over in the US and other parts of the world, the guys on the forum at 272Heroes are proving everyone who thinks that wrong! This was my first experience with these guys and was cool to meet some awesome people who really do love their cars and that is what i’m all about. I was expecting a smallish group of people with a couple of cool cars dotted here and there but what i got was a car park full of EPIC cars! These guys know how to do a car meet…..

Firstly i’m going to kick this off with a RWD corsa, yep you heard that right!

 This ford focus looked all kinds of mental. Awesome paint.

 BGW for the win
 Was loving the old school on display

 Soo much love for this silvia.

 This well fitted s13 was sitting so pretty

 And definitely not forgotten, Daze’s drift spec s13

What a cracking night. Great guys. Great cars. Great site. http://www.272heroes.com

2 comments on “272Heroes meet

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  2. […] little blog article written by the guys over at Slanced.com about the 272 Heroes meet I organised. And they took some pics of my car […]

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